STEM is Skating it’s Way into Lakeland


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By Elesha jones

Lakeland, FL (TNT) – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) are huge buzz words in education these days. However, schools aren’t the only ones implementing these concepts with students. Businesses that serve children and families are beginning to offer entertaining field trips that are out of the ordinary but also incorporate STEM. Skate World in Lakeland is doing just that. They are now providing exciting field trips for all grade levels (elementary through high school) that will include one hour of STEM education and two hours of physical fitness through roller skating.

Chanel Bellotto, President of Skate World, took over the business when her father passed away from cancer in 2007. She wanted to continue his legacy he started in 1977 of giving back to the community and providing a fun, safe, clean environment that was affordable for families. Now, Chanel sees the STEM field trips as another opportunity to keep her father’s passion alive. “I want to help make a difference in our community!  By offering the STEM field trips at Skate World, I can give the children of Polk County an innovative, progressive, hands-on approach to learning in a fun environment.  The field trip is affordable and there’s nothing like it in our community.” said Chanel.


During the field trips, the professional STEM Educators teach students about how STEM principles exist everyday life. Personalized lessons founded on teachers’ needs directly correspond to classroom learning, making this program completely unique! The lessons are intended not only to help students get over their fear of learning STEM concepts but to show how STEM is both fun and exciting.

The lessons cover topics like geometry, friction, force, diameter/circumference, path of sound, frequency and speed, types of light and much more. Teachers can choose from “The Science of Roller Skating,” “Motion & Rink Design,” “Music, Math & Roller Skating,” “Super Sound,” “Acoustics & Rink Design,” or “Engineering Magic & Lighting.”

Dr. Susan LeFrancois, a native to Lakeland will be leading the STEM classes.  No stranger to education, she joined the Florida Polytechnic University in July 2013. There she helped design and build the Science curriculum. Her background extends from work as an educator to industry jobs in the areas of quality assurance and government regulation. Most recently, Dr. LeFrancois taught Chemistry at All Saints Academy in Winter Haven. From 2008-2012, she was an instructor in Industrial and Management Systems in the College of Engineering at the University of South Florida in Tampa.


Along with the hands-on STEM classes, students will participate in fun interactive games like the limbo, hokey Pokey, “Big Six”, and skating in the opposite direction! They can also enjoy moving and dancing to songs like the cha-cha slide or the cupid shuffle, which is entertaining to do on skates!

The STEM field trips are available to public, private and charter schools in the Lakeland area! In addition, homeschool groups, daycares and other organizations such as Girls Inc. and neighborhood ministries qualify for this exciting opportunity.

To schedule a STEM field trip at Skate World for your school, or for more information, visit You can also contact Chanel at or 863.255.2633.

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