About Us

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Hyper-local news has become the hype of today. Towns get to enjoy news and relevant feature stories that are concentrated on their specific town. Like other news, hyper local news is also flourishing more digitally than in traditional print form. Based on this, TownNewsToday.com offers a unique online way for people to stay in touch with their local town news.

Our Aim & Goal

  • Our aim is to deliver an innovative set up that provides all towns of all 50 states in the US to enjoy an online source where they can easily find local news and happenings of their respective towns.
  • Our goal is to enhance the concept of hyper-local news, allow people to stay connected to what’s happening around them, and allow local businesses to use advertisements to target their specific town consumer base.
  • Every town that is featured on TownNewsToday.com will enjoy a dedicated local editor and staff members that can manage the local news, feature stories, and advertisements to publish on their online hyper-local newspaper.

    Interested candidates who would like to manage their respective town’s online newspaper are at will to apply and enjoy a business opportunity that lets them stay connected to the community they belong. Town News Today offers all the required tools to properly manage the digital newspaper and website. In a systematic set up that benefits all, Town News Today is an innovative and forward concept of hyper-local news.

    Our Objectives
    We established TownNewsToday.com with the following objectives:

  • To give community members of all towns a single source for their local news
  • To help people stay connected to relevant information and happenings
  • To allow businesses to connect with their local consumer base effectively through ads in their dedicated hyper-local newspaper rather than having to advertise in state publications or national websites