Our Goal is to enhance the concept of online hyper-local news, allow people to stay connected to what’s happening in their communities, and provide local businesses an advertising platform that engages their audience and builds their brand recognition.


We are dedicated to helping the small businesses of this country be able to maximize their brand exposure by reaching the people that actually drive their business.

Why TownNewsToday.Com Works


Completely responsive ads built to engage readers on all devies


We offer hyper-targeted advertising to engage the audience that matters to you. Advertise in just one town or as many as you like!

Custom Interactive Ads

Custom-built creative and interactive ads that drive high engagement and results

Ad Products Effectiveness

TownNewsToday.com delivers high quality advertising across all platforms. Target your immediate area such as one small town or extend outward to other towns, even run nationwide campaigns at a fraction of the cost of competitors. Our ads are created and delivered with you in mind which enables us to deliver ads that are more relevant, more engaging, and ultimately, more effective.


TownNewsToday.com provides its editors with state of the art analytics to ensure success of all ad campaings