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If It Sounds Too Good To

by Donna Olmstead, contributing columnist We won $5,000 cash this week! Not. But we did get a promotion in the mail that led me to believe that we won that much. It's called King of Cars and all

A Weekend With Jetty~

by Donna Olmstead, guest columnist As I write this, Jetty is curled up on her dog bed next to the television. She has her ball on the bed next to her. I suppose she's guarding it from our cat,

Samantha Completes 6

by Donna Olmstead, Contributing Journalist (Note: This is the sixth in a series of articles following Samantha, who had been being treated for ADD until her Now-I'm-10 Checkup. That's when her

PegHorn Park's Trails

by Merrell Palmer, editor SAINT CLOUD- The trails portion of PegHorn Nature Park and Trail, 2101 PegHorn Way, has been temporarily closed for maintenance.  The trails are tentatively scheduled to

If It's Hot, Leave Them

by Donna Olmstead, contributing journalist Leaving a pet in a parked car not only is dangerous for the animal, it also could result in a stranger breaking into the car to rescue the

Samantha's Vision

by Donna Olmstead, contributing journalist This is the fifth article in a series about vision problems being mistaken for dyslexia, ADD or ADHD. It is estimated that as many as one in four

Guest Columnist~ From

by Donna Olmstead, guest columnist I have my happys and sads mixed up. Karma, the kitten we found wandering onto Narcoossee Road last Friday, now has a forever home. I wish it could have been with

Guest Editorial~

by Donna Olmstead, contributing writer So there we were -- my husband Richard and I -- driving down Narcoossee Road headed for our daughter Sarah's house, when we both spotted a tiny ball of fur

These Trails Were Made

By Merrell Palmer, editor SAINT CLOUD- With a respite from the recent rains, the wetlands and trails within PegHorn Park and Nature Trail are again accessible to outdoorsman and nature lovers
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