6 Lavish Places Around Pune

Lavish Places Around Pune

As the winter festivities get closer, the need for a good plan arises side by side. It is usually a struggle to find a lavish place around this time at a reasonable cost, unlike good rental furniture, the search for good holiday places which are not crowded and fall within your budget is difficult. Therefore we have curated a list of all the places you can visit instead of cozying up in your bed. 


It is a wonderful place covered with greenery. It is the most beautiful around the winter season, and it is not as popular as Lonavala and other places, so you can get a little quiet too. A perfect escape from the bustling city noise. 

Rajgad Fort

If you like to seek out new trails and new paths, then this destination is perfect for you. Just 54 kms away from Pune, you can indulge in a nature hike along with witnessing the beauty of Rajgad fort as well as the environment around. The fort holds significant history and architectural significance. 


A beautiful town, located between five different hills. This is perfect for people who love nature, valleys and hills. The atmosphere around this time of year is amazing along with the smell of fresh dew on the grass every morning adds to the appeal of this town. 

Sinhagad Fort

The fort holds significant history along with beautiful architecture. It is believed that many wars were fought near here and the view from this monument is breathtaking. It is a dream trail for adventure seekers and hikers. 

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Malsejh Ghat

A place perfect for people who admire flora and fauna. There are a couple of really good resorts, where you can book a stay and enjoy the wildlife and nature around you. It is fairly easy to reach here, you can simply catch a bus, and it is just 120 kms away from Pune. 


If you’re more of a beach person, then you don’t have to travel to Mumbai or Goa and get stuck in traffic and crowded beaches while on vacation. You can just travel to Dapoli which is the longest and most pristine beach. The beach starts from Kolthare and goes on till Kelshi, and can be reached easily from Pune. 

It is not so bad to stay at home and enjoy the festive season, but sometimes it is important to hit refresh and enjoy life.

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