All You Need to Know About Water Purifiers


The problem of obtaining healthy, safe, and pure drinking water is the only constant issue that has taken over the country. India though, never lacked the Natural water resources to sustain life. However, the growing modernization and urban lifestyle have constantly added up to pollution. The increasing use of plastic, chemicals, and petroleum products by the manufacturing industries and improper sewage system in the rural part of the country are significant reasons for the scenario. The Government of India over the years have taken serious steps to aware people about the problem of water. Several cleansing and filtering process have though done much just to the interruption, but along the way is yet to be covered.

As a gift of the updating science, the water purifiers are a boon in the areas and to the people who face a constant water threat. The blend of traditional water filters and modern water purifiers are broken down into simpler understanding syllables in the following write up.

What is the need for water purifiers?

In the earlier days of human civilization, the need for three basics was the most important for survival. The three basics include food, water, and shelter. It is impossible for any living being to sustain itself in the long run without water. The safe drinking water in those days was not occurring naturally. The filtration process used was by allowing the water to pass through several layers of stones, pebbles, and sand to climate the contaminated particles.

However, the significant change in the early scenario when compared to the current picture stands as chemical usage. The chemical that is mixed with natural water resources as a result of the growing pollution is inseparable without updated technologies and modern purification techniques. Thus the need for the water purifiers has increased over the last decade. Several water purification filters and systems have taken over the market to help individuals in healthy water consumption. Eliminating out diseases that are caused due to contaminated water is also taken good care of.

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Evolution of water purification system:

Starting from the early days to date, there have been many different methods of water purification systems. Resolving the cause of diseases like diarrhea, dengue, stomach aches, loose motion, the water filters are a must-have in the house. Here is how the water purifiers have evolved over the years.

  • Cholorinasation- One of the earliest methods that stepped in the water filters argon process is the chlorination. Chlorine is a chemical which forms hydrochloric acid when it comes in contact with the water. The hydrogen present in the water reacts with the chlorine and helps in the formation of dilute hydrochloric acid and kills harmful bacteria or protozoans present in the water. The process of purification has now held on to the back seat due to its adverse effects.
  • Carbon Filtration- The carbon is a porous component that holds the potential to absorb the harmful gases that are infused in the naturally occurring water. The carbon monoxide, nitrates, dead algae, and microorganisms are the most commonly introduced bacterial presence. The filters that are used by the mechanism of the activated charcoal also have a silver lining to kill bacteria more precisely.
  • Sand Filter – Also termed as the BIOS and filter, the mechanism is that of the natural soil water. Nature has numerous layers of soil through which the rainwater seeps in and passes through to end up as groundwater finally. The filter system is later used in the household. In a plastic tub, layers of sand, soil, and pebbles are made, and chemical-free water is made to pass through the same. The contaminants are eliminated in the several layers, and bacteria is cut off using sand. The only condition being the use of chemical-free water use and naturally processed drinking water is served to you.
  • The Reverse Osmosis System- The water purifier system has gained the ultimate boon with the RO water purifiers. The semi-permeable membrane is installed in the system through which the water passes in a force and climates out the arsenic, nitrates, and chlorines present in the water. The focus of the purification being set on turning hard water into soft form. The arsenic is a common chemical that is found in water in different parts of the country and holds power to cause harmful disease in the long run. Though an expensive process, the RO system is the best water purification method of urban day science. Running on electricity, the RO system needs continuous water flow in proper functioning.
  • UV Water Purifier- The rays is something that we are highly aware of. However, ultraviolet light plays a positive role in the water purification system. The system is capable of filtering almost 1000 liters of water in a day. The powerful light successfully kills all the harmful bacteria by 99%.
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